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Types of Door Locks (Locking) Systems In London – 02/08/2021

There are door locks all throughout your surroundings.

We enter and exit a facility, whether it’s a house or a business, through a door that almost always has a door lock mechanism on it.

Door locks are essential not just for outer doors but also for internal doors, such as restroom doors to preserve personal privacy or workplace doors to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

You must evaluate intruder prevention and security when choosing a new lock for your door. Also, look at the accessibility and fire safety.

There are many high-quality, reliable, and trusted brands like era locks available in the market.

The easy-to-understand list below includes the most popular types of door locks available now, allowing you to make informed and safe decisions about your property’s security.

Six types of door locks:


Padlocks are visible portable locks that can get secured to a fence, chain, door, or gate to prevent vandalism or theft.

Padlocks are the oldest door lock mechanism known to exist, with the earliest versions going back to the Roman Empire.

These locks come in several sizes and shapes, with little padlocks used to secure personal journals.

On the other hand, large and more durable padlocks got used to secure industrial and warehouse facilities.

Some padlocks are extremely tough to break and robust, but anyone with bolt cutters can easily break apart this simple door lock.

Some padlocks get veiled to prevent this.

That means the padlock’s shoulders are stretched, shrouding the shackle and making it significantly more challenging for the bolt cutters to it.

Padlocks are ideal as wooden door locks.

If you want to install them in your house, you can hire a locksmith in London for fitting a lock to a wooden door.

A Yale lock will also work great as a padlock. 


Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks work perfectly on external doors.

That’s because they provide maximum security against any intruders.

You need to insert a key inside a cylinder and turn it to open the door.

They come with door latch types.

The door latch is the part that moves in and out.

It’s a simple door lock and has several types like double and thumbturn. 

Lockable Thumbturn

These types of door locks are like a hybrid in between the double cylinder and single cylinder deadbolt.

Lockable thumbturn is the perfect interior door locks for everyday use.

You can use the thumbturn for daily use and ignore the lock.

When you need to leave the house on its own for a longer time, you can use its interior lock. 

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks come in different types with several uses.

They are very safe and get used to secure glass doors.

 Rim Lock

Although rim lock locks look identical to a mortice lock, the actual hardware of the door they use is not.

A screw pair on the inside of the lock screws into the cylinder’s back, securing the rim lock in place.

These locks get installed on the inside of the door.

They have a metal component that extends from the back of the lock.

It travels through the door to the other side, where it meets an opposing door locking mechanism.

In the twentieth century, rim cylinder locks were used as front door locks and were ubiquitous, but they are now rarely used as the principal means of protection inside a residence.

For increased security, they get frequently used in conjunction with another lock.

Rim Lock
Mortise lock 2

Mortise lock

A mortise lock differs from a rim lock as it gets installed inside the door rather than getting mounted on the donor’s surface.

The lock gets bolted onto the mortice hardware, which is inside the door.

A mortice lock is immediately identifiable since it is visible from the door edge.

Mortice cylinder locks come in several styles, like a mortice lock with handle, including five-lever mortise locks and three-lever mortise locks.

A mortise lock’s number of levers indicates how many locations the door locks into the frame.

It will be more secure if it has more levers.

Euro cylinder 

These types of locks get found in composite and uPVC doors.

It’s a uPVC door look that you can use for your sliding glass door.

They are simple door locks and provide security.

A locksmith London uses a screw to fix the locks in place.

The screw runs through the middle of the cylinder. 

Euro cylinder
handle locks

Handle locks 

Internal doors in commercial environments frequently use these types of locks.

You could notice them on hospital or office doors.

These contain a keyhole and look identical to ordinary lever door handles, but they have the added advantage of locking the door for privacy or security.

They are preferable to locking door knobs since they are easy to grab and operate with just a slight push-down motion.

British standard lock

You can find this type of lock on timber and wooden doors inside domestic homes.

A British standard lock for home can get used as a wooden door lock.

However, a British standard lock for office gets used on metal doors.

To enter and exit, a key is required. It got tested against picking and drilling techniques that burglars use.

That makes it safe and secure. 

Mortise lock
Knob locks

Knob locks

Knob locks are spherical in shape, and you will find them commonly inside bathroom doors, or people use them on their external doors as an extra security measure.

If you’re looking for bathroom door lock types, this one is best for you.

It commonly gets used in the back doors of houses or apartment buildings.

They aren’t used as a house’s primary security as they don’t offer high levels of safety against vandals or intruders. 

Because the entire locking mechanism gets contained within the knob, it can get undermined by slamming the knob with a tool or hammer.

If you currently have these sorts of locks on your property, you should combine them with other ones to increase protection.

Otherwise, you should replace the lock with a better-performing knob lock. To change locks, you can hire a locksmith in London and install replacement door locks. 

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