3 Best Cylinder Locks For UPVC Doors – 2020 – 13/08/2020

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With the latest best cylinder locks for UPVC doors, you can now prevent yourself from any burglary.

With the sudden rise in security concerns, people are now concerned about lock snapping.

Locksmith London is here to solve your lock and security concerns.

We offer an ultimate guide that helps you choose the three best cylinder locks for UPVC doors – 2020.

ABS locks

The Avocet ABS locks have a patented activated CAM technology.

These smart diamond grade cylinder locks know when they are snap attacked and results in a robust entry barrier.

The technology is hidden deep in solid cam formed of Molybdenum.

This material is 20% more robust than steel.

It offers brilliant resistance against snap attack or twist/ snap manipulation.

The best part about ABS locks is that snap technology is installed in the outer part of the lock making the inner part very strong.


  • It features a patented type of lock system, which creates a barrier if attacked by burglars. It is located far away to offer an ultimate defense.
  • Two sacrificial points on the outer part of the lock are present on ABS locks, which prevent the intruder from attacking the lock. On removal of the first section, keys can still be inserted in the ABS lock to open the door. On removal of the second section, ABS CAM technology fires its action and lock off the CAM and access to the home.
  • Sixteen anti-drill pins for total security against drilling are featured in ABS locks.
  • Pick protection and anti-bump, magnetic; an advanced feature prevents the lock-bumping keys from opening the lock.
  • ABS is accredited for police preferred secured design, sold secure diamond, TS007-3 star rated.
  • It comes with a secured key card which you receive on registration.

Yale Locks

For enhancing the security of your homes, Yale locks are one of the sensible choices.

Yale locking systems have a history of around 150 years.

They have been the best security companies worldwide.

Yale is one of the internationally recognized brands.

It is active in more than 125 countries and has a million users.

Yale locks feature tried and tested technology.

It is a combination of modern technology with traditional skills.


  • It is precisely engineered with the latest technology.
  • It features a sleek, multipoint locking system which suits aesthetically to your modern homes.
  • Yale locks are entirely reliable and exceptional in terms of quality. It is worth buying this lock as you don’t need any replacement for this lock. It works for a lifetime.
  • Yale locks are accredited for police preferred secured design. This program runs the product through a series of robust quality tests where it ensures exceptionally high-quality performance.
  • Yale locks are committed to reducing environmental impact. They regularly perform a test to ensure the discharge and emission from the product to prevent pollution and save energy.


Mul-t-lock is the top-class security, locking system.

It has protective features that offer resistance against intrusion attempts.

The classical cylinder lock features unique telescopic, pin-locking mechanisms, including external and internal pins.

If you are looking for a high-security feature, then mul-t-lock is what you have been looking for.

It features a patented key control mechanism that meets all your needs.


  • Mul-t-lock boasts some wide cylinder and keying options for addressing your needs.
  • Keyed-different for accessing each door with different keys.
  • Keyed-alike, which allows you to access multiple entries with one key.
  • The 3-in-1 key which allows you to change lock’s combination two times by turning the key.
  • Modular cylinder lock, which features flexibility and offers configuration of different cylinder lengths as per customer needs.
  • Construction keying that offers access to multiple doors using a single key.
  • Break secure lock, which deters any intrusion attempt with an enhanced and visible snap-resistant cylinder.
  • It features special-concave plug design where rotation only occurs with proper alignment and offers you extra protection.
  • Mul-t-lock features enhanced drill resistance and anti-pick feature. It has steel inserts with a three-dimensional shear line.
  • It allows the customers with a coded key card which offers convenience to the users with a duplicate key.
  • You also have a formatting choice like cylinders, padlocks or locks, and many more while one key fitting them all.

We hope this guide of three best cylinder locks for UPVC doors-2020 helps you choose the best lock for your security at police preferred secured design at Locksmith London.

We have posted down the top 3 best manufacturers to help you pick according to your needs.

Make sure to choose a highly proficient locksmith for fixing your locks.

If you don’t select a professional locksmith, your locks are prone to twisting or snapping.

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