Emergency Locksmith Service In London Costs More Money Than A Non-Emergency? 27/07/2021

Well, that might not be the case while dealing with professionals like us.

Our prices are clearly mentioned on the website, and if we think that a certain project may cost more, we are aware of customers ahead to avoid any confusion.

So no, it’s not true that an emergency locksmith service in London costs more than a non-emergency service in our case.

Many people will need to contact a locksmith service at some point in their lives to change locks.

A lockout could happen at the most unexpected times.

That’s when you’ll need an emergency locksmith London.

The cost of an emergency locksmith can differ from the charges of a regular locksmith London.

Certain factors affect a locksmith’s price so let’s see what makes an emergency locksmith London more expensive than a non-emergency London locksmith.

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Factors Affecting an Emergency Locksmith Price

  1. Time:

A primary factor influencing the emergency locksmith price is at what time you need their service.

An emergency locksmith Central London works beyond the regular working hours of a non-emergency locksmith London.

That means they are available late at night and early morning.

During working hours, an emergency locksmith will charge you as much as a non-emergency locksmith.

When they respond to emergency calls, almost every emergency locksmith charges more.

For example, if the regular hours of locksmiths end at around 5 pm, and you need their service around 6 pm, they won’t charge you as much as they would if you requested their services at night.

Therefore an emergency locksmith Central London costs more than a non-emergency one as they are readily available to help you 24/7.


  1. The type of service you need:

An emergency locksmith could be thought of as a master of all crafts at times.

That is because emergency locksmiths are capable of specializing in various types of locksmith services.

Regardless of whether you’re stuck with a lockout or you need a lock change, an emergency locksmith will have the equipment and expertise to get you out of your problem.

The final cost of your emergency locksmith will get calculated after taking into account the time you needed their service.

The type of your required service will also impact the tools that the locksmith would need to execute the job.

Usually, complicated jobs cost more.

That is because the locksmith will travel with their equipment and spend their time while completing the task.

For example, if you need a UPVC lock repair or a cylinder replacement, an emergency locksmith will charge you more than a simple lock change or to unlock the door.

  1. Travel distance:

Another crucial aspect that affects the emergency locksmith’s price is the distance they would have to travel to reach your place.

When people are trying to look for a locksmith in London during regular working hours, they search for a “locksmith near me.”

If you search the same during operational hours of an emergency locksmith, you might not get the same results.

That’s because most locksmiths near you would get closed late at night or early morning.

Usually, a lockout will also occur if you’re not expecting it to happen.

Many times when you’ll need the assistance of an emergency locksmith London, you might not find someone who is nearby.

Regular locksmiths will be available in your area, but once they shut down, you’ll have to explore options that are far off.

You might find an emergency locksmith near your location too.

The chances are fewer.

If the locksmith needs to travel a long distance to reach you, that will get reflected in the final cost.

Because emergency and regular locksmiths operate under extremely distinct parameters, you should consider different emergency locksmith charges than ordinary locksmith expenses.

If you experience a lockout outside the working hours, you might not be thinking about contacting an energy locksmith.

You should be aware of the cost of an emergency locksmith in case you get stuck in an unexpected situation.

Remember that the charges of an emergency locksmith will be higher than those of a conventional locksmith.

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