The Difference Between Professional and A Non-Professional Locksmith 21/07/21

In life, most people need to get in touch with a locksmith service to change locks. It’s possible that you experience a home lockout while you’re out shopping or at dinner with your friends.

Some people also tend to lock their keys inside their car, and there’s no way that they can retrieve a spare set of keys at that instant. 

No one wants to be in such a situation where they are helpless and worried about finding their eyes.

Nevertheless, this happens more often than most people think. Nowadays, statistics suggest that locksmiths providing locksmith service in the UK are operating without getting any training. 

Well, if a locksmith London isn’t a professional one, what will customers do? An Unprofessional London locksmith wouldn’t know how to change locks that are technical, like UPVC Lock Repair.

When you hire an untrained Locksmith in Central London, it can cause damage to your property and lead to higher bills.

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that locksmith London is better and fully trained. 

Bills from an amateur locksmith are often higher:

Usually, a non-professional emergency locksmith London doesn’t work in the industry full-time.

They often have some other full-time job during the day because people require locksmith services most of the time at night or in the evening. 

Therefore, when an untrained locksmith gets a call for their locksmith service, they will try to get every penny they can from the customer for “additional charges.” They do this by advertising a low locksmith price so that you opt for them. 

Once the job gets done, they will increase the bill multiple other add-on fees like fuel charges, night rate, and call-out fee.

That way, you will have to pay so much more than you would be a professional locksmith.

Professional locksmiths provide transparent quotes and prices.

They will also give you the invoices and break down the cost according to the time, material, and labor.

Even if they charge more, they will guarantee you the highest standards of locksmith services.

That’s because they want to protect their professional reputation. 


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Professional Locksmiths Won’t Damage Your Property, but an Amateur Locksmith Is Likely To Do So

When a locksmith gets their training, they get taught several non-destructive techniques.

Through those, they can enter a property.

These techniques include lock change and picking locks by hand. They also use professional devices to pick locks. 

Lock picking is a skill that requires one-on-one instruction from a tutor and cannot be learned based on watching online videos.

That is why locksmith training courses get limited to 3 or 4 students at one time. That way, locksmiths get individual attention from a tutor. 

A trained and professional locksmith will arrive at your property with a plan of action that requires you to gain access to the house with no damage.

However, a non-professional locksmith will arrive at your property and make a plan to get access to your house as quickly as they can, regardless of how much damage they will cause to your home.


Professional Locksmiths Use Special Equipment

A non-professional locksmith’s tool kit will consist of a hammer, some chisels, and a drill.

You won’t see any specialist equipment with them. Once they complete your job, they will leave you with a hefty bill and damaged property. Sometimes they also purposefully damage the property so that they can sell you another brand new lock right on the spot.

They will charge you an inflated price for it as compared to the retail price. 

Professional Locksmiths Offer 24/7 Services

An emergency locksmith London will help unlock door to your house during the out-of-hours period.

A professional locksmith London will offer services 24/7 and open locked doors and replace your lost keys.

A non-professional London locksmith has other day jobs too.

That is why they might not be available 24 hours a week. 

Professional locksmiths have the skills to open, fit, repair, and supply security safes

Often professional locksmiths have the skills to open a safe with any dial combination.

They can also open keys and digital safes.

Professional locksmiths specialize in disposing of any unwanted safes.

They also shift large vaults and safes from various locations.

Unprofessional locksmiths aren’t trained and cannot repair technical locks like UPVC Lock Repair.

Professional locksmiths also specialize in opening car locks

Usually, locksmiths offer their services for locks and car keys.

Unprofessional locksmiths provide only some services. 

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