What is better to Rekey or Change Locks? (Complete Guide) – 10/02/2022

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When you move into the new house, you inspect every corner of it.

We are here to talk about only one corner of the house that is the most important one also.

That corner is the lock of your house.

When you move into a new place, you should check every lock of the house to see if they are okay or need any repairs on them.

Two options can be done to fix the problem of locks, one is to rekey the locks and the other one is to change the locks.

We will be seeing deeply into this confusion of which step will be better for your locks.

If you are new in that house, the insurance policy of that house might cover the expenses of the fixing of the locks.

What is better to rekey or change locks? That question will be covered later in this article, but first, do you know how to rekey or change a lock? If not, have you found the locksmith that will do the work for you? Do you know their price for providing their services? If not, read further because we have the solution to these complex questions.

How to rekey locks?

Lock rekeying is something that is done with the configuration of your locks that enables them to be opened by only the new key of that lock.

It is sometimes also called “Changing the locks”. Experts of keys that are the locksmiths suggest that a person should rekey their lock after every few years. This will make its lock healthy and also it will make the house safe from burglary or chances of theft will also be minimized. 

There are many advantages and benefits of how rekeying your locks can be a great deal for you by all means.

Its first advantage is that it is way less expensive than buying a whole new lock and then replacing it with the old one.

It is far faster, efficient, and productive than replacing a whole new lock.

The last advantage is that it can be configured to any pattern of your like, if you would like to make it so that all of the locks work with one of your existing keys, you can do that too.

Lock rekeying will be able to give you added convenience.

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Price of changing locks

The prices of changing locks as compared to rekeying your locks are more than expected because in rekeying, you are just changing the configuration of the lock and key. In changing a lock, you have to buy a whole new lock and then have to do the fitting of the lock on the door. And you cannot do it by yourself, you have to call a locksmith to do this for you. 

The prices charged by the locksmith for providing you their services for changing the locks are also high as it is not a small job to do. As locks are more expensive altogether, they are one of the strongest ones also. They will give you more life than rekeying your locks. As for rekeying, you have to do it after every few years, but changing the locks will give you a lifetime of almost 20 to 25 years of smooth operation. 

How to change or rekey locks?

If you want to take the things in your hand and want to change the lock or rekey your lock by yourself, here is how to rekey or change your locks.

The process of rekeying your lock is quite simple.

You have to first know the brand of key and lock you want to rekey.

Then you will find the rekeying kit of that specific brand from the nearest hardware store, buy it.

The next thing that needs to be done is the work of a locksmith, they have specialized tools that are required for rekeying your locks. Those are quite expensive.

Besides rekeying, you can change your locks at home also. The tools used are available at almost every house. Most homeowners already have the tools they need to change locks. They just need to go to the hardware store and purchase a nice and strong lock and then use the tools to fix it in the door. How to change the lock on a UPVC door, how to change a barrel lock? The answer is the same as above.

When to rekey or change locks?

Changing locks and rekeying both need special tools and other requirements. When to rekey your locks is the question with a simple answer. That is when you are seeing that you are moving into a new house and want to assure that no one other than your family has keys to your home, rekeying can be an affordable choice to make.

When it comes to changing locks, when you feel that they are getting rusty and new ones should be fixed in place of them, you can change them. This is because, when they are rusty, they are most likely to be broken within some extra force. That increases the chances of burglary.

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