Replace UPVC door lock mechanism (Complete Guide) – 15/12/2021

Upvc door locks are among the types of door locks installed on most private and commercial buildings due to their guaranteed protection from break-ins and burglary. 

Common brands include Avocet, Fulltex GU Ferco, Mila, Roto, and Yale.

Knowing the brand of the lock will help you when buying a replacement lock.

Almost all Upvc door lock mechanisms typically rely on the lock cylinder.

The lock cylinder is the universal portion of the lock that needs to be replaced.

UPVC locks are vulnerable to various damages and malfunctioning.

Replacing UPVC door lock differs with the extent of the problem 

You can fix a minor problem yourself, but a professional locksmith can only do some UPVC door lock mechanism replacements. 

This article will provide a guide on how to replace the UPVC door lock mechanism

The Locksmith should be able to diagnose the issue within minutes, with a few simple assessments and checks


How to replace uPVC door lock by yourself

There is some home-based UPVC door repair that you can perform to diagnose the problem with your door lock mechanism.

You need to check the internal gearbox of the lock to see if they move aligned with the movement of the handle.

This technique needs a simple repair kit with screwdrivers at home. 

To obtain the correct replacement, you need to measure, identify, and measure your lock.

Two standard reference points are often used as UPVC door lock measurements 

1) PZ measurement. This measurement is from the center of the circular portion of the keyhole on the front of the door up to the center of the square spindle (the connection point where the door’s handle is located). 

2 )Backset measurement. This measurement is from the center of the circular portion of the keyhole to the edge of the lock plate (the exposed plating on the inside edging of the door). 

Some locks will have two spindle holes but always measure the upper spindle hole.

Typical measurement dimensions are 35 millimeters for the backset

When replacing, follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the retaining screw. Use a screwdriver to twist the retaining screw to loosen it and remove it from the faceplate
  2. Insert the key into the lock. Once the key is in the lock, turn You should turn the key only about 10 degrees so you can line up the cam (the inner latch of the lock) with the body of the lock 
  3. Remove the cylinder. Experiment with gently wiggling and tugging on the key while it’s inserted in the lock and turned to both the right and left positions. Once the cylinder comes loose, pull it toward you, out of its socket
  4. Put the key into the new cylinder. 
  5. Replace the lock. Turn the key in the new cylinder, so the lock cam is flush with the body of the cylinder. Insert the new cylinder into the socket, just as the old cylinder was positioned. Turn the key slightly so the lock cam can correctly position itself within the socket. Leave the key in the lock
  6. Screw the retaining screw back into the lock faceplate. 

However, most UPVC door lock mechanisms will not be repaired with home repair kits.

Stuck keys are usually because of a broken part in the UPVC Door lock mechanism, which requires lock change.

You will need to hire professional locksmiths since their repair kits have the best-needed tools that most householders wouldn’t have in their kits.

Professional UPVC door lock mechanism replacement

Replacement of UPVC door lock mechanisms may seem complex and require a professional locksmith for diagnosis, repair, and replacement.

Locksmith London provides some of London’s most qualified door lock mechanism professionals.

We have years of experience, and they are dedicated to doing the job. 

If you experience a UPVC lock problem, you need to look up Locksmith Near Me and explore the services we offer from our website.

Replace UPVC door lock mechanism

If you experience a UPVC lock problem, you need to look up Locksmith Near Me and explore the services we offer from our website.

Emergency London locksmith guarantees prompt response to lock emergency within 30 minutes (depending on your location.).

London Locksmith has 24-hour service; if you are in an emergency lockout or want to replace the lock, reach out for help.

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Locksmith London has a professional team of experts who can help you with door lock repair and replacement at an affordable price. 

Locksmith London can help you with UPVC door lock repair and replacement services

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Calling the UPVC locksmith can help you save time and money. Locksmith London has been around for more than a decade, helping thousands of people get rid of door lock issues. 

Common UPVC door issues: 

Apart from the UPVC locking mechanism, other issues of UPVC that London locksmith can fix include: 

  • Jammed door or lock
  • Key going in the lock but is unable to turn
  • Key goes inside the lock, but it won’t open
  • Unable to lift the handle to shut the door
  • Able to lift the handle but unable to shut the door
  • The broken key inside the lock
  • A specific problem with the handles
  • Faulty or broken cylinder

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