How Long Does It Take For A Locksmith To Open/Unlock The Front Door? 06/12/2021

How often have you locked yourself out and do not have the key to open the front door or lock?

This can be a nightmare for a person in a hurry.

No one wants these things happening to them, but sometimes they still happen. 

There is only one option for you to fix this problem immediately or more rapidly: call a locksmith to fix your front door and make you go inside of your house. 

There are multiple ways a person can be locked outside their house or any other room.

One possibility is that they forgot their key somewhere and cannot go there now.

Another reason could be that the key broke inside the lock while opening the door.

There can be a new reason every time, but only one solution is to call a locksmith.

In this blog, we will be talking about how long it takes for a locksmith to open/unlock the front door?

We will be talking about the different kinds of locks used for the front doors of houses and which one is best and is highly recommended. 

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How Long Will The Locksmith Take To Open The Front Door?

There will not be a constant time measure for how long a locksmith will take to open the said door, as every locksmith has different accuracy in doing work.
One might open your door in just 5 minutes, while another locksmith might take half an hour, and so on.
So, the answer to this question cannot be said as there are many locksmiths with a different set piece of doing work.
It is your job that you find the best locksmith in your neighborhood and make them do their work in the best way possible.

Types of Front Door Locks

There are door locks throughout your surroundings.

We enter and exit a facility, whether it’s a house or a business, through a door that almost always has a door lock mechanism on it.

Door locks are essential for outer doors and internal doors, such as restroom doors to preserve personal privacy or workplace doors to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

You must evaluate intruder prevention and security when choosing a new lock for your door.

Also, look at accessibility and fire safety.

Many high-quality, reliable, and trusted brands like ERA locks are available on the market.

6 types of locks are mainly used all over the world for doors.


Padlocks are portable locks generally used more often for chains, doors, fences, or gates.

The main idea of the padlock is to prevent any kind of robbery or theft that might happen.

They are one of the ancient kinds of locks going down history as the Roman Empire also used them.

Are trustworthy locks that will help you to secure whatever you want.

They come in different sizes, as small padlocks can secure small gates and personal belongings, while bigger padlocks are used to seal off big industries and halls.

They are very tough and cannot be broken by a normal human, but if someone came with bolt cutters, they would no longer be able to secure the things you were trying to secure.


Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks are mostly used for glass doors and other not-so-secured things.

Very safe and can be trusted with private and personal things.

Are made of pins of different sizes put in the locks, so most of the keys we use have a pattern on them. They align all the pins inside the lock to rotate perfectly and unlock the lock with ease.

They come in many different kinds of materials and finishes.

They are also mostly used for front doors and gates.


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Rim locks

Rim locks and Mortise locks are the two locks that people get confused about as they are very similar in looks and design, but the hardware function is not similar.

A screw pair on the inside of the lock screws into the cylinder’s back, securing the rim lock in place.

These locks get installed on the inside of the door.

They have a metal component that extends from the back of the lock.

It travels through the door to the other side, where it meets an opposing door locking mechanism.

Handle locks

Every house has handle locks installed on one or two doors.

These locks are commercially designed locks and are also liked inside the house.

The handle locks contain a simple keyhole and are designed as a handle for grabbing it.

You can see them on office and bathroom doors most frequently.

They are not that reliable if you want tight security of something, but they can perform great when a normal door needs to be locked.

Door knobs

Who does not know about doorknobs? They are the most considered door locks in the world.

Handle locks and doorknobs are the two most important locks in any household.

Door knobs are spherical that are commonly found on bathroom or bedroom doors.

They are not the locks you are looking for if you need something to protect your house’s security.

These are some of the door locks used most globally and are also highly recommended by everyone.

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