Mechanical locks VS Smart (electronic) Locks in London (2020 Guide)

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The one most annoying experience is locking out of your own home because of a broken lock or forgotten keys.

In the COVID situation, it was tough to find a good Locksmith London, and opening those old locks is a hectic job.

If you have a professional locksmith in your area, you can handle this situation easily. 

Everyone desires a safe and secure home, if we wish to present a synonym to safety and security, it will be none other than home. 

A home is a place that provides us comfort and peaceful sleep.

We sleep with ease because we know the doors are securely locked, and there are no chances of breaking in.

When we close our offices, we go back to our homes with satisfaction as the locks keep them safe.

The classic types of locks are easy to pick and get rusty sooner than expected.

Modern time needs modern changes in our lifestyle if we don’t change with time, we will be losing everything and staying behind, bearing all the disadvantages.

That is why it is essential to switch to modern lock systems.

Modern lock systems keep our home and workplaces safe and secure, whether mechanical or smart electronic locks.

A few of the benefits are:

  • A modern lock system is different according to your needs and requirements. You can customize them according to your needs. A customized lock is more convenient to use. 
  • A high secure technology-equipped lock system provides cost reduction that is an economical and cheaper choice in the long run.
  • Mechanical and electronic locks are available in a wide variety; you can select the one according to your desire. For example, use a mechanical Knob lock for children’s room and deadbolts for the place with more security requirements. Likewise, a combination lock (digital and mechanical) can be used for main doors or garages.
  • Smart locks for home are durable and robust, and there are rare chances you lockout of your place. Smart locks recognize the owner through smart apps installed on their cell phone.

We have discussed the benefits, now it’s time to discuss the types of locks. 

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Types Of Locks In London:

There are two types of locks that are prevalent these days.

  • Mechanical locks
  • Smart (Electronic) Locks

Both of them provide a safe and secure system to home and office users.

Now the question is, which one of them is better?

If you are thinking of renovating your home and making your place more secure and comfortable, it is essential to make a wise decision on choosing the best locking system for your home.

It is wise to do a little research before investing in something, and when it comes to your security, you should be more careful.

We can compromise on many things to make our lives better, but compromising on the locks’ selection is not wise. 

This article will try to comprehend the differences between mechanical and electronic locks and their popular types in the market these days.

Mechanical Locks:

A lock is a device that helps homeowners and commercial users keep their place safe and restrain unwanted visitors until or unless they have the permission of an authorized person or equipment. Mechanical locks are devices that secure the door’s opening and closing until a release mechanism is activated – for instance, a knob, key, or Lever. 

Types Of Mechanical Locks:

There are four common types of mechanical locks:

  1. Cylinder
  2. Spring bolt
  3. Mortise 
  4. Deadbolt

Mechanical locks are prevalent for a long time, but popular mechanical locks are deadbolt and cylinder in the contemporary period.

Are you looking for a lock replacement in London?

 If yes, mechanical locks can be your choice. Let’s discuss its types in detail. 

  1. Spring bolt:

Spring bolt is one of the traditional ways of locking doors, one of the advantages of spring bolt locks are those close door automatically when you push the door.

  1. Cylinder:

Cylinder locks come with the keyhole and tumbler mechanism that is contained in the cylinder.

  • Cylinder locks are robust and easy to use. Due to their convenient use, they are one of the popular types of locks used in homes.
  • Have you ever locked out of your home? A locksmith might have arrived on time, and you may be worrying that now you have to change the complete lock. You no more need to worry about it; a qualified locksmith can quickly rekey cylinder locks. The cylinder, which is reconfigured during the rekeying process, can be approached by removing screws. The screws are connected with the locks to the internal bolt work. The whole process is beneficial for the long term. For instance, it will save you money and time.
  • You can also go for a single master key, which can be designed to allow access to several doors of your home and commercial place. This will save you a lot of stress from carrying many keys all the time.
  • In commercial places, you might need extra security for your private chamber, and if you are looking for a lock replacement in London, the double cylinder lock can be your first choice. The double cylinder provides extra security and easy exit in case of emergencies.
  • Cylinder keys are easy to install and provide extra safety to your home and office.
  1. Mortise:
  • A mortise lock is one of the mechanical lock systems that are usually installed with a hollowed-out section of the door instead of knob or through the door itself. The unique installation method makes it more secure, and it gives a unique look to your home.
  • Mortise locks are hard to open as compared to cylindrical locks. The amount of power required to break the door is higher, and braking in will not be easy. Mortise locks come in dual cylinder types. That means the door needed to be open by key from both outside and inside, which eventually makes it hard to open the door and break-in.
  • Mortise locks are available in different sizes and customized according to the user’s demand. You can get it customized to fit large or small doors. It will present an awkward and odd look if you get a small lock for your big door. The mortise locks allow for significant aesthetic customization to a greater degree than traditional locks and allow larger faceplates to be installed on your doors.
  1. Deadbolt locks:

Deadbolt locks are also a popular type of locks in the mechanical lock system category.

Are you searching for a locksmith near me to change the lock services?

Do you wish to switch to something combo between mechanical and digital?

Deadbolt locks are mechanical yet trendy, and they go all the way with electronic and digital lock system. Deadbolts are among the best in mechanical locks, London.

Here are a few types of deadbolt locks:

  • Single-cylinder:

It is the most commonly used type of deadbolt lock.

These locks mounted inside the door and operate with a coil knob on the inside and keyhole outside the door.

  • Double Cylinder:

The double cylinder is also straddling internally, but the difference between the single and double cylinders is that there is the twist knob instead, and both sides require a key to open the door.

It provides more security as you may need a key to operate from both sides.

  • Keyless Deadbolt locks:

This type is a beautiful combination of the mechanical and electronic lock systems.

The lock is also mounted inside the door, but there is a keypad in its place of a keyhole where you type your pin code.

No need for a key to enter, and if someone knows your combination, however, you can easily change it anytime.

Most importantly, the unique look of the machine provides the greatest protection against forceful attacks.

  1. Hybrid Cylinder locks:

The hybrid Cylinder locks system is a combo of mechanical design with electronic systems.

The Hybrid Cylinder locks are suitable for all contemporary mechanical and molecular techniques.


Electronic locks:

Electronic locks or smart locks are the locks that operate through electric currents, they can be remotely controlled and also monitored to lock and unlock the door.

The different popular types of electronic locks in London are:

  1. Bluetooth Locks
  2. Code locks Keyless digital system
  3. Magnetic Locks
  4. Electric Strike Locks
  5. Biometric electronic (Smart) Locks.
  6. RFID Lock System
  1. Bluetooth locks:
  • Bluetooth locks, as the name predicts, are keyless doors, and a user can open and lock the door with the help of Bluetooth. Those who want to gain entry may need a cell phone or some gadget near Bluetooth sensors’ proximity.  
  • Bluetooth locks work best for car locks and companies or workplaces where many people work in the area.
  • Bluetooth lock is a popular and secure lock system; it uses double encryption for all data transfers.
  • They provide full access control to the security of your home, and you can use the key tag, phone app, and key cards to enter your home.
  • They allow you to send virtual keys to your friend and family and allow them access to your home when you are not around. The virtual keys can be scheduled on a permanent and temporary basis.
  • A notification will appear on your monitor whenever someone enters your home.
  • The smart Bluetooth lock will temper an alarm when someone unknown tries to enter or access your living place.
  • The lock system comes with backup batteries, and to enjoy its benefits, all you need is an easy installation. 
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  1. Code locks keyless digital system:
  • Keyless Connected Smart Lock is one of the newest types of electronic locks in London.
  • The keyless lock provides you complete control over how you lock your place. It can be a Pin Code, a biometric lock, or connected with your smartphone.
  • The keyless lock systems give you complete access and authority over the security and locks of your home. You can add users and remove them according to your requirements.
  • Optimum Installation is very convenient, and there will be no need to interrupt central powers.
  • Even if there is some electric issue at your place, the backup batteries will keep your security running.
  • Select an experience and outstanding team of a locksmith for better outcomes, and it is better to go for someone with a 24/7 emergency locksmith service to avoid any inconvenience.
  1. Magnetic lock:
  • The safety and security of commercial places are essential. For high-security public areas like airports and pharmacies are paramount. Magnetic locks have proved to be beneficial for high-security sites.
  • A magnetic lock use low voltage power to keep the door closed. The lock can be disabled by card swipe or critical fob contact. All magnetic locks are connected to ACS, known as the access control system. With technology and modern up-gradation, magnetic locks are also accessible through a cell phone.
  • The use of magnetic locks saves you from the fuss of keys and make your place secure. If someone tries to enter without permission, they will be immediately detected on the system.
  • The magnetic locks are easy to install and convenient to use.
  1. Electric Strikes
  • A decent electronic smart lock is electric strikes. They are known as one of the most secure and safe options for opening and shutting the door. They are easily activated by card, pin, and remote devices associated with the strike.
  • The electric strike locks are associated with a remote system that makes it convenient to use, and you can allow people to enter your room or desk by pressing a button. You can also share the pin code with the person you want.
  • Electric strikes are easy to install and take minimum time for the procedure. Also, the installation cost is very low, as you may not need lots of material and labor.
  1. Biometric Electronic Locks:
  • Security and safety are unavoidable in public places where lots of people are working for many hours. Management of a site with fewer threats is important. It can be some big multinational organization or the Operational center of Courier Company as security is important in such organizations. Biometric Finger locks are excellent choices for offices, schools, and other institutes.
  • Biometric data of employees can be saved in the company’s data, and only those who are given access to the place can go in and out through thumb impressions.
  • A biometric lock is more comfortable and convenient, and user friendly than all lock types. It takes only a second to get access to the place.
  • A big corporation or organization management can be handled more conveniently through biometric lock systems.
  • Biometric locks are expensive when bought but prove to be economical in the longer run. A lock system that can withstand in any weather condition and have lesser chances of the malfunction.  
  1. RFID Electronic Lock Systems:
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One of the most popular commercial security systems is RFID. Radio Frequency identification Technology RFID is an electronic lock system that works with the help of radio frequencies. The RFID was introduced in the 1970s, but only a few high government buildings have access to this locking system. In 1990 it became popular in commercial buildings.

  • RFID lock system consists of two components reader and the tag. A reader sends the signal, and the tag can be the card of the user.
  • RFID locks are widely used in gyms, schools, colleges, other educational organizations, corporations’ residential buildings, and numerous industries.
  • RFID locks enhance security and save time. The installation process is convenient and quick, and the tag card is more flexible to carry around than keys.
  • RFID locks are robust and weatherproof.
  • With the help of enhanced technology, RFID locks are also accessible through smartphones so you can altogether avoid the fuss of carrying keys around with you.
  • RFID locks provide easy configuration, and one configuration can work as a master key, which is very convenient for managers and administrators of big organizations.

Difference Between Mechanical And Electronic Lock System:

Mechanical Locks In London:

  • Mechanical locks are strong, robust, and durable. But there are many reasons mechanical lock systems are way backward as compare to electronic and smart locks.
  • Mechanical lock picking is easy, and criminals quickly learn the skill with practice 
  • The fuss of Key: How many times do you get to the lockout of your own house because you lost your keys somewhere? In the COVID situation, it was harder to find an emergency locksmith in London. A mechanical locking system London needs a key, and there are times when it got broken or lost, and you may have to follow a long way to get access to your car or house.
  • Forging keys for the mechanical lock is more comfortable, and changing a lock is expensive and time-consuming.

Electronic Smart Locks In London:

Electronic (Smart) Locks are getting popular more and more these days because

  • Electronic smart locks provide complete authority on the lock system. Many electronic systems like Bluetooth lock and smart key locking system allow you to decide the users and discard them when necessary. You can grant access to your friends and family with virtual keys even when you are not at your place.
  • There are fewer chances of break-in and burglary; if someone tries to enter your place, the monitor will inform you, and an alarm will start ringing. The enhanced security system reduces stress from your mind, which is your home’s security and safety, and gives you a chance to focus on your goals. 
  • Electronic locks are typically associated with central control systems like ACS access control systems that help monitor your place’s entrance and departure.
  • An electronic lock is a keyless lock such as punch a pin code, swipe a card or unlock the door with Bluetooth signals or a smartphone app. The choice is yours, and you can select the one according to your desire.
  • Installation of an electric lock is easy and convenient. You can lock and open through different ways of your selection. Moreover, remote control access makes your life more convenient. Suppose someone is knocking on the door, and you are doing some important stuff on your desk; you can simply press a button and let the person come in. Electric locks only consume very low power of electricity.
  • Forget the fuss of keys with electronic locks. Most electronic (Smart) locks are accessible through smart apps, Bluetooth, and pin codes so you no more need to have a bunch of keys in your pocket or purse. So there are no chances of locking out from your car or home. A comfortable keyless lifestyle is possible only with Smart locks.
  • A smart electric lock presents a stylish look to your doors.
  • Everything has its drawbacks, and every type of electronic locks also carry their baggage of flaws. For instance, an extended electric cut means the security system starts shutting down, and places are vulnerable to theft and damages. Likewise, hacking into a system is difficult but not impossible. So try to purchase the locks from renowned locksmiths.


Mechanical locks or smart electronic locks – both are convenient choices for daily life.

It all depends on your needs and requirements.

If you go for the one that suits you the most, that will allow you lesser disadvantages, and you can live your life with lesser stress for the security of the place.

Moreover, you can enjoy your peaceful good night’s sleep.

So what are you looking for?

Get the best lock with confidence.

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